Day 11 – Mon 14th Aug


10 CRUK shops visited + 1 Research Centre (86 CRUK sites in total), 83% of total miles cycled (a few extra miles – rerouting due to poor quality cycle ways

Regular readers of this blog will recognise that today’s edition is briefer than normal. Having spent 11 days on our challenge we are now feeling exhausted. In addition we have a missing wallet issue that has taken time to address this evening, to cancel the cards that were in it.

A full day cycling in the West Midlands traffic is draining, not only from a physical perspective, but from a mental perspective too. The combination of navigating, having an awareness of traffic in front and behind you and looking at the ground in front of you for potholes is challenging. On other days there’s been some relief from this with stretches of road that were quieter. Not so today.

Whilst we were visiting shops, the welcomes from managers and volunteers lifted us. However, having made our last visit of the day, we felt drained.

Thank you to the shops for being supportive and welcoming. Your offers of drinks were appreciated (even if we didn’t take you all up on them). Thanks for the protein bars cereal bars and biscuits.

Our final visit today was to the CRUK Birmingham Centre where we met Debbie, CRUK Lead Nurse and some of the researchers. This is an additional site, that wasn’t part of our initial plan and should take our final total to 102 rather than 101 sites.We were interested to hear about your areas of research and impressed by your level of enthusiasm. You’re passion shone through as you explained about your areas of investigation:

Richard (genetics of pancreatic cancer), Diva and Louise (both working on childhood cancers, brain cancer and neuroblastoma respectively), Heather (immunology/lymphomas), Claire (tumour virology), thank you for taking time to greet us.

Together we certainly can make a difference!

Our additional supporters today were Jo’s mum and dad who came to cheer us on in Sutton Coldfield. Thank you Christine and Michael!

Once again , its time for the stars of the show, the CRUK shops. Plus Patrick’s key facts


Key Fact – Natives of Wolverhampton are called Wulfrunians

Jackie (manager) and Roger



Key Fact – Mayor, Ben Bilboe, was the inspiration for Bilbo in JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbitt

Zoe (manager), Adam, Andy, JamesJane, Rafat



Key Fact – The town is historically famous for the manufacture of lock and keys

Sue (manager), Anne, Carol, Brenda



Key Fact – Local restaurant owner, Renato Pagliari, scored a number 1 hit single as one half of the singing duo Rene and Renato

Sally (manager) Marie, Chris, Tina



Key Fact – According to his autobiography, Slade frontman Noddy Holder dreamed of living in Sutton

Laura (manager) Gill, Shane



Key Fact – Six ways Island is the oldest traffic roundabout in the UK

Mandy (managing) Clare, Mark, Ray



Key Fact – Is the largest town in the UK without its own Royal Mail postcode

Steve , Gemma


Key Fact – Is the largest town in England never to have had a league football club

Clare (manager) Sheila, Sherrie, June



Key Fact – Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, was brought up here

Jean (manager) Adele Karen



Key Fact – The poet WH Auden, grew up here



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